Digitally Printable OPP Gloss Laminate Film - Nobelus

Nobelus is pushing the envelope with a new high-gloss OPP thermal printable laminate film.

PlatinumPOLYGloss Printable Laminate enables brand enhancement with its durable high gloss finish which is ideal for surface printing and embellishments.

This thermal laminate film is scratch-resistant, and its surface is receptive to UV, Offset and Digital HP Indigo Inks. This 1.2mil OPP is also designed for gluing, foil stamping, UV coating, embossing and Sleeking™. PlatinumPOLYGloss Printable Laminate Film is a great addition to any direct mail piece, magazine, bookcover, presentation folder, invitation or folding carton.

“We have had good results with printing and sleeking on the gloss OPP.”, says Roy Nunez, Production Manager at Alliance Graphics. ”The gloss factor is excellent, and the ink adhesion has been crisp. Makes for a quality finished product. ”

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