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At Nobelus® we love to share our knowledge acquired through painstaking research and by our experienced document finishing experts who work with our customers every day. Serving the print, packaging, and photo industries, we understand production, workflow, supply chain logistics, and on-demand fulfillment.

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Known for its legendary client care, the Nobelus® team brings customers the fastest service in the industry. From initial inquiry to delivery and beyond we work for you and your team— consider it finished! Nobelus® employees embody what being noble is all about. We provide the best thermal laminate film, laminating systems, and finishing products in the business—guaranteed!

Pure Print Finishing Magic

The latest brand enhancement tools.


Laminating equipment for on-demand, production, commercial, high-speed, and packaging applications.


Brilliant, all-new thermal laminate film technology that combines the best of sight and touch—every time!

Trade Films

Outstanding clarity, strength, flexibility and adhesion for demanding trade laminators, printers, and finishing providers.

Teaching You the Latest in Print Finishing

Welcome to Nobelus University – your online knowledge center covering all things print finishing. Peruse trending articles below or click the big orange button to head straight to the land of print finishing edification!

Leah Rochat

Perfect Digital Foiling Through the Sleeking Process

The process of Sleeking has introduced an entirely new element of design including laminating finishes for the…

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Phoebe Holt
Discovering the Differences in Laminating Films

When your project needs a glamorous exterior, adding a laminated finish can give it a polished, more refined…

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Steve Truan
Why do Global Brands Laminate Folding Cartons?

Many top brands now use laminates to create eye-grabbing packaging, blending tactile films and…

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Jeff Truan
Logo Placement on Packaging Really Matters

Logo placement on packaging really matters. In this article, we take a look at some interesting logo…

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