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Nobelus® products are 100% proven in the field and backed with our unconditional Total Satisfaction Gold Seal Guarantee™


LuxeFilms® manufactures a line-up of specialty laminates producing Inspiring Finishes and Brilliant Results. LuxeFilms® brings you the industry leading specialty laminate families of ScuffProof™, Tactile™, Metalized™ and Holografik™.

Nobelus® owns the LuxeFilms® specialty laminates, and markets these dynamic and specialized films across the print and packaging industries. LuxeFilms® manufactures innovative finishing laminates that inspire brand owners, designers, and publishers and help them create dynamic print and packaging solutions all designed to capture consumer attention and market share. Our brilliant, all-new thermal film technology that combines the best of sight and touch, providing:

  • Brand owners and designers creative new solutions for show-stopping product designs that sell more product
  • Folding carton producers, packaging providers and trade finishers, a dynamic new print medium
  • Brilliantly rich and vibrant colors
  • Stunning special effects not previously possible in the world of packaging
  • Value through visually appealing tactile surfaces with varying properties that allow for print, UV coating, gluing and foil stamping
  • Increased durability and extended shelf life to consumer goods and luxury packaging


Nobelus® Platinum™ Premium Trade Laminate films are the best of the best, being the broadest high-quality film line available. Offered in premium polyester (PET), top-quality polypropylene (OPP) and high-grade nylon base films, Platinum™ laminates utilize premium copolymer resins, ensuring outstanding clarity, strength, flexibility and adhesion. The ideal commercial laminate for demanding trade laminators, printers, finishing providers, and a host of other users across the globe.

Nobelus™ produces more stock sizes than any other industry supplier. Nobelus™ Platinum™ laminate films are available in a wide range of sizes and lengths, and custom slitting is available up to 76” wide. Every roll of Nobelus™ Platinum™ laminate film is covered with our Total Satisfaction Gold Seal Guarantee™, and for your safety are CPSIA and FDA safety-certified.

PlatinumPET™ (PET)

Nobelus® PlatinumPET™ films are manufactured using top-grade polyester base material and 100% pure EVA adhesive, in a wide range of mils. Known for outstanding transparency, strength, and bonding quality, PlatinumPET™ films are considered the best of the best, and are available in gloss and matte finishes. Available in: 0.8 mil – 15.0 mil thicknesses.

PlatinumPOLY™ (OPP)

Nobelus® PlatinumPOLY™ films are manufactured from premium biaxially-oriented polypropylene film, which is then coated with 100% pure EVA thermal adhesive, providing unmatched adhesion and ultra-clear film. PlatinumPOLY™ laminates are available in a high-gloss or dead-flat matte finish, in a wide range of mils. All PlatinumPOLY™ matte films are double corona-treated for the application of foil, UV, or other top coatings, and most are available with an DigiBOND™ adhesive where needed. Available in: 1.0 mil – 3.0 mil thicknesses.

PlatinumNYLON™ (NYLON)

Nobelus® PlatinumNYLON™ films are manufactured to provide the very best in SuperFlat™ technology for the book-cover industry. Manufactured from high-grade premium Nylon, PlatinumNYLON™ gives printers and publishers a top-grade breathable nylon film, coated with 100% pure EVA adhesive and a high-bond primer. Available in a high gloss or dead-flat matte finish, PlatinumNYLON™ films are perfect for any type of book cover that demands flatness in the most rigorous conditions, such as excessive humidity, heavy handling, or on-demand publishing. PlatinumNYLON™ films are glueable, stampable, and also available with the aggressive DigiBOND™ adhesive for digital applications. Available in: 1.2 mil – 1.7 mil thicknesses.


Nobelus® PlatinumGS™ is specifically manufactured for the sampling, presentation folder, packaging, and bookcover industry. It provides an extremely high-gloss surface that is specially treated to achieve a high dnye level, allowing the acceptance of all types of surface treatments, spot UV coatings, foil stamping, and most glues. PlatinumGS™ is extruded from top-grade 48 gauge polyester base material, and then coated with 100% pure EVA adhesive. Available in: 1.2 mil thickness.


Nobelus® DigiBOND™ digital adhesive is the perfect solution for digital print lamination. Films with DigiBOND™ adhesives are manufactured with a special high-grip bonding agent that adheres strongly to toners, fuser oils, and many other challenging outputs in the digital print-engine world. DigiBOND™ adhesive is widely used and respected, available in gloss, matte and Karess™ matte finishes.


Nobelus® A+ School Gloss™ premium educational laminate films roll with the best! Offering a high-quality film product, designed to run consistently trouble free in the educational environment with any brand laminator. Melting temperature is consistent at 280-285ºF. Boasting a laminate that is ultra-clear, FDA approved, free of lead and thiolates, kid safe, and manufactured to the highest standards. A+ School Gloss™ is proven to run easier, cut easier, and bring for better results than cheap ultra thin improvised films. Rolls are cut perfectly for exact indexing left or right and film and adhesive layers are both perfectly uniform. A threading card is included in every 2-roll carton. Available in: full-spec 1.5 or 3.0 mil thickness.


Nobelus® PlatinumUVR™ premium low-melt, UV block laminate film is a premium digital laminating film designed specifically for inkjet media, heat sensitive materials and other digital wide-format outputs. PlatinumUVR™ film composition of ultra-low melt adhesives, UV absorbers and a high “Grade A” polyester content, exhibits maximum clarity, rigidity and longevity for all your digital printing. Applies at 180˚F and is available in gloss, dull matte, textured matte, black, white, and satin finishes. Available in: 1.7 mil – 10.0 mil thickness.


Nobelus® BindMAX™ binding components provide discerning trade binderies and large printers with a complete line of premium coil, wire, and comb binding elements. BindMAX™ also presents a complete range of clear and colored presentation polycovers. Choose from multiple thicknesses and colors, as well as large sizes and specialty finishes on a custom order basis. All manufactured to top quality standards.


Nobelus® Secura™ premium laminating pouches, small and large format, are heavy duty with rounded corners, and are an excellent way to I.D.’s, protect menus, sales sheets, signage and more. Manufactured from premium polyester films, Secura™ Pouches are super clear, and have incredible bond-strength, user friendly with all types of pouch laminators. Super-size and specialty pouches are also available. All manufactured to top quality standards.


Nobelus® is pleased to represent the GMP® Laminating System technology in North America, as well as specialty films that make these systems even more dynamic.

GMP® Specialty Laminating Equipment brings exciting new technology to life in multiple areas, but especially in print and photo production and finishing. From on-demand production to high-speed/high-volume manufacturing, these laminators couple with HP Indigo® technology, as well as other digital print engine manufacturers, to provide a dazzling array of new solutions, finishes, and special effects – many of which are lower-cost and also ecologically better for the environment.

GMP® Specialty Laminating Systems are utilized for standard film laminating, the SHR™ photo production process, the Sleeking™ process, and numerous other specialty applications.


Nobelus® is pleased to be the exclusive provider of Komfi® European High-Performance Laminating Systems in North America.

For nearly two decades, Komfi® has been the global leader in building one-sided laminating equipment. In the 1990’s, Komfi® introduced the concept of compact, highly productive laminators in America with the Delta 52. With over 1,200 installations since of that machine alone, Komfi® has proved its creed of building high-quality laminators that run, and run, and run.

The Komfi® line now includes over a dozen models, offering many options on sheet sizes, feeding and unloading options, and more. Custom-configured systems are also an option. The Nobelus® Service department takes care of all installation, training, and service work on these durable, well-built laminating systems.

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