Madovar Case Study - Nobelus


The Customer

Madovar is a purveyor of luxury gift boxes. The company is a leading North American luxury gift box manufacturer, furnishing personally-tailored gift boxes for high-end clientele such as Yves Saint Laurent, Pantene, and Sally Hansen.

The Challenge

Madovar required a high-caliber film to appease the luxury industry. They sought a material to give their boxes an opulent aesthetic with competent durability for sustaining mass production. A reliable, resilient film with luscious, touchable attributes was essential.

The Solution

The client sought Nobelus for guidance in selecting a film. Nobelus presented an ideal film line up for Madovar’s conditions—LuxeFilms. The LuxeFilms collection was presented to Madovar’s design team.

“The lines were sharp, bright, and we were able to achieve even the finest details… Anyone considering working with Nobelus should give them the opportunity to show their full range of products, and then watch their sales increase.”

– Bilal Madwar

The Results

Madovar went forward with the LuxeFilms collection and has since been enjoying a significant improvement in print quality. Madovar’s luxury gift boxes are now easy to clean, making them reusable—another point of intrigue for Madovar’s high-end clientele.

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