BJU Press Case Study - Nobelus

increase productions rates
5-6 fold with upgraded equipment

The Customer

BJU Press is a mass producer of books and textbooks in Greenville, South Carolina. The company generates a significant volume of children’s books, novels, and school textbooks optimized for Christian learning. 2-2.5 billion pages are printed in their facilities each year.


The Challenge

BJU’s decades-old in-house laminator presented operational difficulties. The machine hindered production volumes, limiting both the quantity and quality of books created.


The Solution

BJU sought out Nobelus for a modernized laminating system. Nobelus technicians collaborated with BJU by inviting the team to a testing location. The company brought textbook press sheets to test on numerous machines prior to acquisition.

“Overall, the experience has been a very, very good one. We’re looking forward to many years of service and partnership with Nobelus.”

– David Ratje

The Results

Quality, efficiency, and ease of use was imperative for BJU’s machine. The company made a selection and was impressed with setup ease and immediate functionality. Production rates have improved 5-6-fold with Nobelus’s machine, and even on the slowest print setting, BJU’s products are made just as fast if not faster than the old machine.

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