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Nobelus® Platinum™ laminate films are the broadest high quality film line available. Offered in premium polyester (PET), top-quality polypropylene (OPP) and high-grade nylon base films, Platinum™ laminates utilize premium copolymer resins, ensuring outstanding clarity, strength, flexibility and adhesion.

Premium films for every application;

  • PlatinumPET™ (PET) Considered the best of the best, these films are available in gloss and matte finishes.
  • PlatinumPOLY™ (OPP) Manufactured from premium biaxially-oriented polypropylene film, which is then coated with 100% pure EVA thermal adhesive, providing unmatched adhesion and ultra-clear film.
  • PlatinumNYLON™ (NYLON) Manufactured to provide the very best in SuperFlat™ technology for the book-cover industry.
  • PlatinumGS™ (GLUEABLE / STAMPABLE) Specifically manufactured for the sampling, presentation folder, packaging, and book-cover industry. This film offers an extremely high-gloss surface.
  • DIGIBOND™ Manufactured with a special high-grip bonding agent that adheres strongly to toners, fuser oils, and many other challenging outputs in the digital print-engine world.

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The Nobelus Gold Seal Total Satisfaction Guarantee is one of the broadest, most dynamic guarantees in the industry. As a result of constant research and ingenuity, Nobelus offers an unparalleled line of products that have been 100% proven in the field. It is our guarantee that each product will perform satisfactorily for the application and if you are not pleased with the performance, your purchase will be replaced or refunded in accordance with the Nobelus Return Policy.

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