LuxeFilms® Karess™ Laminate Films

Karess™ laminate films are multi-sensual, adding a tactile dimension to the visual allure of print. All LuxeFilms® Karess™ laminate films feel as soft as a rose petal and as luscious as silk, giving them an expensive and luxurious feel. Karess™ laminate films brilliantly protect, enhance, and increase value to print and packaging products.


Karess™ overlaminate film provides a vivid color clarity which surpasses that of any standard matte laminating film. Durable, scuff-resistant and ultra-matte, this laminates will protect and enhance premium prints and packaging products. Also available with an UltraGrip® adhesive for digitally printed projects.

Ebony™ Karess™ is an intense, solid-black printable laminate film. The richness of its black pigmented matte tactile surface maintains a consistency that cannot be achieved by black ink on any type of press. The surface is tough, standing up to the harshest environments, while allowing any type of top coating or ink to be applied.